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What your running outfit says about you

What your favourite piece of gear reveals

A running outfit seems like a pretty basic thing: shirt, shorts, shoes and go. However, there are actually many more styles and trends than meet the eye. When you go for a run, you’re throwing on something that makes you feel comfortable and is easy to move in. But what does that outfit say about you? Here are some personality indicators, inferred from how you dress for your run.

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If you’re seriously overdressed


You’re probably about to run a world record. Elite runners are notorious for warming up in way too many layers. For example, track runners will wear fully lined pants and a jacket, in July, in 30 C weather. This is 100 per cent overkill, but a telltale sign that someone is probably quite fast.

If you’re wearing a visor


You’re probably a triathlete. For some reason, the visor is a divisive piece of equipment for runners, but triathletes have taken to them.

Especially for women, a visor allows for more hairstyle options. For example, a bun or ponytail is easily done in a visor. Despite the visor being a completely viable option for sun protection, the wearer is probably a member of the tri-sport community, rather than a dedicated runner.

If you’re wearing crew height socks


You’re either a cyclist who’s getting into running, or a runner who’s quite trendy. Crew height socks for fashion (as opposed to compression) are making their way into mainstream running, but they’ve been in style for cyclists forever. If you see someone with a mid-calf sock height (or a committed mid-calf tan line) you know they’re a person of the bike.

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If you’re wearing headphones


There are two kinds of runners who listen to music: those who run all the time and those who are new to the sport. While they come from different backgrounds, the music mentality is the same: running is really hard, and sometimes you need a little extra push. Cue the club beats (even though it’s 6:30 a.m. on a Wednesday).

If you’re wearing a T-shirt


You’re a unicorn. And we’re not talking a race T-shirt (those are pretty common). What we’re referring to is a person who goes out and actually purchases a T-shirt to run in. For some reason, they’re the most under-utilized piece of running clothing ever. For most runners it’s long sleeve to tank top, and nothing in between. The T-shirt wearer is a trendsetter who isn’t afraid to break the mould.

If you wear your running clothes even when you’re not running



You’re totally on trend. Right now athleisure is in, and this is great news for people who’ve always known how comfortable running clothing is.

These runners probably have two sets of running wardrobes: the actual workout clothes and the casual workout clothes (for when you want to look put together, but comfortable). The added bonus? It’s way easier to grocery shop, go to the mall or meet people for drinks post-run, because truthfully, your running wardrobe and everyday wardrobe are kind of the same thing.