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What’s in my race bag: Charles Philibert-Thiboutot

Ever wonder what the elites pack when boarding their flight to race abroad? Charles Philibert-Thiboutot gives us a glimpse inside his luggage.
Chuck PT

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Canadian runners this year, you know who Charles Philibert-Thiboutot is. His running career has really taken off recently, especially after running the dream mile in Oslo after weeks spent racing in Europe. His incredible performance there led to him representing Canada in the 1,500m at the Pan Am Games. He won bronze. This speedy athlete also found himself running in the Monaco Diamond League meet last month where he ran a 3:34, slicing four seconds off his PB. There’s no doubt that this young athlete is on fire right now. Here’s what he packs in his bag when travelling:

iPhone/iPod and headphones: I love to listen to music and with the amount of free time we get when travelling, I end up listening to music a lot. It helps make all the waiting more enjoyable. I also use music to get amped up before my warm up on race day.

Spikes and race kit: Sometimes I travel only one or two days before a race and I can’t afford to not have these items if my luggage gets lost. Race day essentials are not really replaceable so you need to safely have them with you when travelling.

Nutri Grain bar and water: Being really picky with my taste in general, I hate things like gels or fancy bars before races. I try to keep it simple with Nutri Grain bars which are really light but have a good amount of carbs in them. Water is an essential to keep myself hydrated.

Neck pillow, face mask and melatonin: When you travel overseas, you want to maximize the hours of sleep you get to be able to stay fresh and have the legs feel good once you hit the track. These items help me sleep wherever I am, whether it be in the plane, the lounges or at my destination when adjusting to new time zones.

Jacket: The air conditioning is unforgivable in airports. I always carry a jacket so I don’t feel cold all the time. It’s also useful when the plane touches down and it’s raining.

Contacts and Julbo sunglasses: Sunglasses are much needed when you spend an afternoon on a track. So are my contact lenses if I want to see where I’m going while I’m running.