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What’s new in Under Armour’s summer apparel

Keep cool this summer with UA Iso-Chill gear

Photo by: Under Armour

Under Armour has released its summer apparel lineup, and the brand is working to keep runners cool with its Iso-Chill technology. UA Iso-Chill gear is designed to pull heat away from your body, which will in turn keep you cooler for longer and allow you to get the most out of every run. Along with the Iso-Chill lineup (which features shorts and T-shirts for runners), Under Armour has released its latest colourway of the HOVR Machina 2, a shoe that originally came out in March. 

UA Iso-Chill

You might be wondering how a shirt or a pair of shorts can pull heat away from your body and help cool you down. The clothing features special fibres that evenly disperse heat by lying flat across your skin, and the fabrics were treated with titanium dioxide, which helps in the process of pulling heat away from your body. 

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The clothes are cool to the touch, and this is especially noticeable on hot and humid days. As a Canadian runner, you have plenty of blazing runs ahead of you this summer, and a big key to performing well in the heat is to do as much as possible to keep cool. 

UA Iso-Chill Run 2-in1 shorts. Photo: Under Armour

In terms of numbers, UA did tests with Iso-Chill gear, and the team found that athletes wearing these cooling clothes took seven to 12 per cent longer to hit their VO2 max than athletes who wore regular shirts and shorts. Every runner knows that heat can take a toll on your workouts, but the Iso-Chill lineup will allow you to push that much harder and go that much farther every day. 

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The gear 

While the Iso-Chill technology is a major component of UA’s new gear, it’s not the only reason to check out the lineup. The Iso-Chill Run 2-in-1 shorts have built-in tights that hug your legs comfortably underneath a looser, more traditional-looking running short. Included in the tights is a speed pocket that is big enough to hold a cellphone. This is a great feature, as most running shorts have nowhere to fit a phone, and anyone who wants to bring theirs on a run has to carry it in their hand or tuck it into the waistband of their shorts. 

UA’s Iso-Chill Run 200 t-shirt. Photo: Under Armour

One concern you might have with the speed pocket is whether it will actually do the job properly and hold onto your phone. Well, it will, and whether you’re out for a relaxed long run or a set of sprints, your phone will remain locked against your leg, so you don’t have to worry about it bouncing around or falling out. 

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As for the shirts and singlets in the UA Iso-Chill lineup, these are available in vibrant colours, such as UA’s “summer lime” for men and “cosmos” (which is a light blue) for women. If you’re not into bright gear, more subdued shades like white, grey and black are available as well. Finally, the Machina 2’s newest colourway is also bright, and UA describes it as “hyper green.” For a full review on the Machina 2, click here, and to see the full Iso-Chill running lineup, head to the UA website