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Who needs insoles, and why should you consider them?

Research has shown that increased insole comfort leads the body to maintain its preferred movement pattern and correlates to a reduction in injuries

Photo by: Matt Stetson

We have all been there: you visit a running store to get fitted for a new pair of shoes, and the employee pulls outs some run insoles and puts them into the shoes you are trying on. They briefly explain the benefits of these insoles, but you are still confused. Why would you want or need to spend an additional $50 on insoles for running shoes–aren’t the ones that come with your new running shoes enough?

Photo: Matt Stetson

Why should you consider changing your insoles?

Running shoes come with relatively inexpensive sockliners, which aren’t exactly custom-designed for the specific contours of your foot. Those sponge-foam liners lack durability and offer very little additional support. Over-the-counter insoles from Superfeet, like the Adapt Run and Adapt Run Max, are great alternatives for improving comfort over the long haul.

Research has shown that increased insole comfort leads the body to maintain its preferred movement pattern and correlates to a reduction in injuries.

The tech behind Superfeet Adapt Run and Adapt Run Max

The purpose of aftermarket insoles like Superfeet is to provide variable support and comfort for a wide variety of foot shapes and preferences. Traditionally, Superfeet insoles are known for having a firm, structured feel underfoot. The new Adapt Run and Adapt Run Max insoles from Superfeet are more flexible and cushioned, giving wearers all the benefits of the Superfeet signature orthotic shape without changing how running shoes are intended to feel.

“As shoes have continued to evolve, we’ve expanded our product offerings to add choices that meet the needs and preferences of every runner,” says Matt Gooch, VP of Product and Innovation at Superfeet. “If you are a runner who likes extra cushioning and flexibility underfoot, we have insole solutions for you. If you prefer a more structured, stable feel in your running shoe, we continue to have insoles to meet those needs.”

The Adapt Run insoles are designed to fit the contours of your foot. Photo: Superfeet

“We are confident in our insoles’ ability to deliver on shape and fit. From an over-the-counter perspective, we feel Superfeet insoles help prevent pain, injury and discomfort better than anything else on the market,” says Gooch.

Adapt Run Max

The Adapt Run Max prioritizes comfort without sacrificing support. This insole is designed with lightly structured support and maximum cushioning, with a deeper contoured heel cup and higher arch profile to help minimize foot fatigue. The insole flexes and adapts to your foot’s natural motion for a smooth, comfortable ride.

A look at the Superfeet Adapt Run Max. Photo: Superfeet

Adapt Run

Similar to its counterpart, Adapt Run features the signature Superfeet shape in a cushioned insole made to feel like part of the shoe, but has a thinner profile for those who prefer a little more room in their shoes. The insole flexes and adapts to your foot’s natural motion for a smooth, easy ride. The Adapt Run provides comfort and support without changing how your running shoes were built to perform.

What should you look for?

The term “runners” can have a lot of variations. But do you know what feels good for you? The more experienced you get with running, the more selective you become with shoes.

It’s similar with choosing insoles. Seasoned runners who already have experience wearing insoles may have a better idea of which insoles work well for them. Finding the most comfortable insole is key. For those new to insoles or with more sensitive feet, try Adapt Run or Adapt Run Max insoles. For those who prefer a more structured feel underfoot, look for Superfeet Run Comfort insoles made with EVOLyte, a proprietary carbon fibre blend that provides responsive, energizing support.

Photo: Matt Stetson

Superfeet gives back

When you use Superfeet, you join a community committed to making a difference. Every year, Superfeet gives one per cent of all sales and more than 1,000 volunteer hours to shaping a strong foundation for a healthy future. The brand partners with global organizations like Protect Our Winters and The Conservation Alliance to help shape a healthy future for people and the planet.

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