Will this device actually offer protection on the run?

Go Guarded is a plastic serrated knife for those concerned about their safety while out on a run

December 12th, 2017 by | Posted in Running Gear | Tags: , ,

A product that has come out of the U.S. is targeting active women – namely runners, hikers and walkers – in an effort to increase personal safety.

Go Guarded is essentially a plastic serrated knife attached to a ring which is meant to be used in instances of self-defence. The intention behind the creation of this accessory is for a user to have a weapon at the ready in the event that an attacker approaches. The makers believe it will lead to runners feeling more confident and safe especially when running in out-of-the-way places like trails or quiet streets.

“Go Guarded is a new option for active woman to defend themselves. Go Guarded is a heavy-duty plastic serrated-edge weapon that is worn on any finger. It is convenient, effective, comfortable, and always ready. Unlike mace or pepper spray, Go Guarded will not need to be retrieved from a fanny pack, spray back on you, or be knocked out of your hand,” say the makers on their website

What do you think: is there a need for something like this in the running community?

If there’s one thing that most can agree on it’s that until certain individuals quit interfering with the personal agendas of runners, the community will continue to have to come up with ways to ensure safety. Here are our suggestions for runners to stay secure during their training.