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What to look for in winter running tights

The ins and outs of winter running tights for cold weather training

Winter Running Tights

Running outside in temperatures below 0 C is an everyday occurrence for Canadians.

Cold temperatures, wind and snow can be overcome with the proper apparel. One of the most forms of protection? Pants, or tights, depending on your preference. We compiled the latest from Brooks, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Reebok and Under Armour to show you what to look for – zippers, pockets and inner-lining for example – when shopping for apparel for your lower half.

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The primary consideration is climate while features beyond the actual material may be secondary, albeit still important.

Features to look for

– A well-made waist and drawstring that works
– Wind stopper on the thighs
– End zipper (one that won’t cut the Achilles)
– Fleece lining on the inside for extreme temperatures
– A utility pocket (either on the waist or back for keys and credit card)
– Pocket for a phone/MP3 player
– Reflective material

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Most running tights have a combination of, though often not all, the above features including no zipper at the bottom of the pant leg, a lack of wind stopper or fleece because they’re made for warmer climates or a fitted waistband instead of having a drawstring.