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More than 50 Canadians to run Comrades, an 89K race that will “humble you”

More than 50 Canadians are expected to race the Comrades marathon, the world's largest and oldest ultramarathon, in South Africa on May 29.

Comrades marathon

While marathons and road racing events in Ottawa, Saskatoon, Calgary and on the Cabot Trail in the Maritimes will be the focus for many Canadians this weekend, one of the world’s most famous ultramarathons will go off on Sunday. The Comrades marathon, an annual 89-kilometre event in South Africa, will be held on May 29 and features a large contingent of Canadians.

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The run begins in Pietermaritzburg and finishes in Durban. Comrades is the world’s largest and oldest ultramarathon and has the following tagline: “It will humble you.” The race begins at 5:30 a.m. local time and each year the route alternates between the two locations. In 2016, it will be a “down” year meaning runners will end in Durban.

Comrades is run on the roads.


Though Ellie Greenwood, one of the world’s most accomplished ultramarathon runners, is currently in South Africa for the race, she has withdrawn due to injury. Greenwood, a resident of North Vancouver, won the 2014 edition of Comrades.

“I am not running due to injury, it is not related to [the] BMO Vancouver marathon,” Greenwood told Canadian Running in regards to running the Vancouver race in early May. “It is likely an injury which has developed over time but at this stage it is hard to tell.”

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Greenwood finished third overall at the BMO Vancouver marathon on May 1 and, prior to that, won the Chuckanut 50K in Washington state in the early spring.

Greenwood’s finish line moment, captured in 2014, can be found below:

Russians, who have long dominated the event, are banned from competing this time around because the Russian athletics federation is currently under suspension due to state-sponsored doping allegations. World 50K champion Camille Herron is also out due to injury.

New Balance has even designed custom-made Comrades-themed shoes:

Runners who have listed Canada as their nationality

Daniel Van Den Berg CAN M GMA
Jonathan Clarke CAN M MAS
Joel Baldwin CAN Calgary Trail Runners M VET
Morgan Lines CAN M OPN
Michael Aikman CAN M MAS
Isabella Martin CAN F MAS
Dana Baluk CAN F VET
Marc Pelosse CAN Canada M VET
Sharon Gallant CAN F VET
Andy Pierce CAN M MAS
Andrea Walker CAN F VET
Eoin Craigie CAN M OPN
Brenda Maher CAN Runners edge F GMA
Pamela Martin CAN F MAS
Xiao Liang CAN M OPN
Charles Johnson CAN M VET
Joel Ruddy CAN M VET
Doug Macisaac CAN Lacombe Running Club M MAS
Jared King CAN M OPN
John Malinowski CAN Canada M VET
Ray Levasseur CAN M MAS
Matthias Hoffecker CAN M MAS
Joanna Rees CAN New York Flyers F OPN
Ken Walker CAN M MAS
Eric Endicott CAN M MAS
Fiona Chai CAN F MAS
Brian Groot CAN M OPN
Brett Larner CAN Harriers M VET
Sherab Dhumkhang CAN F MAS
Raymond Simpson CAN M MAS
Peter Christopher Baker CAN Run It Fast M VET
Christa Baker CAN Run it Fast F OPN
Lyndon Swing CAN M OPN
Robert Neufeld CAN M MAS
Michael Andaloro CAN M OPN
Timothy Westaway CAN M GMA
Joan Howieson CAN F VET
Catherine Hopkins CAN Canada F MAS
Justin Williams CAN M VET
Suretha Swart CAN F VET
Richard Felton CAN M GMA
Mark Gilbert CAN M GMA
Lorraine Wilkinson CAN F MAS
Fred Unternahrer CAN Sarnia Roadrunners M MAS
Robert Baxter CAN M MAS
Victoria Webster CAN F OPN
Rick Jenkner CAN M GMA
Tanya Zarin CAN Canada F VET
Tracey Price CAN F MAS
Barry Morton CAN M MAS
Stephen Richardson CAN Canada M MAS
Andrea Moritz CAN Canada F VET
Samantha Harper CAN Trappers Running Club F OPN
Simion Candrea RSA M VET
Jan Francke CAN M VET