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VIDEO: The brilliant method used to control street crossings at the Boston Marathon

Watch the video seen by more than 150,000 people in just a few hours showing the way the Boston Marathon controls pedestrian traffic.

Boston Marathon Street Crossing

A neat timelapse from the 2017 Boston Marathon shows an intriguing method used to control pedestrian traffic.

The race which features more than 30,000 runners involves the closure of multiple busy streets in the Boston area and often pedestrians need to cross to the opposite side of the street. As can be seen in the featured video, there is a small island set up halfway across the street where people are corralled.

Then, Boston Marathon runners are directed to either the left or right sides of the street allowing for safe crossing. The trick is repeated to control the flow of pedestrian traffic. The footage was captured at Beacon Street in Boston, a major thoroughfare through the city.

The video is going viral on Reddit, an American social news aggregator, and has been seen more than 150,000 times on Monday.

UPDATE (April 18): The video is now the number two trending video on YouTube.

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