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Star Wars Half-Marathon – The Dark Side in photos (so far)

Star Wars-themed race swag and medals are some of the many highlights from the annual Dark Side weekend at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Star Wars Half-Marathon - The Dark Side

Cue the Star Wars references. (‘May the force be with you,’ ‘Your eyes can deceive you; don’t trust them,’ ‘Try not, do—or do not, there is no try,’ and so on.)

The popular runDisney series continued this weekend with the Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. The weekend’s races are structured like many of the other runDisney events in that there is a 5K, 10K and half-marathon on consecutive days. Doing a combination of races on the same weekend is part of the series’ challenges; in this case doing the 10K and half-marathon is known as the Dark Side Challenge. (Appropriately, there is also a runDisney Light Side race weekend, which in 2017 was held in January, for Jedi fans.)

“You’ll be running on Darth Vader’s turf with the Emperor’s white uniformed stormtroopers cheering you on your way,” the website says of the race.

The half-marathon is slated for Sunday morning with the 5K and 10K having concluded on Thursday and Friday, respectively. There is currently a weather advisory because of warm conditions in Florida.

The backdrop of Walt Disney World Resort, the variety of Star Wars costumes and sweet race swag all make the resulting race photos pretty memorable. If you raced, see below for a recap of your events. Or, if you didn’t race, see what you missed on race weekend (so far).




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