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Blue Nose Marathon’s 2018 race medal to be chosen by your votes

Three designs are in the running for the 2018 Blue Nose Marathon

Blue Nose Marathon
Blue Nose Marathon
Photo: Blue Nose Marathon.

The Blue Nose Marathon is relying on runners to decide which race medal will be awarded in 2018.

The 15th annual Halifax race weekend, first run in 2004, has an open vote with three medal and lanyard designs, the winner of which, based on total number of votes, will be awarded to all finishers in 2018. Race weekend is set for May 18-20.

The race also has a vote for the colour of the race T-shirt including crimson, purple and navy. Meanwhile, all three race medals designs include the recognizable blue nose, which has become a trademark at the race over the years.

Vote for the race shirt colour here. Vote for the race medal here.