2018 IAAF World Indoor Championships all about DQs

Dozens of DQs at the 2018 IAAF World Indoor Championships for a multitude of infractions

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The 2018 IAAF World Indoor Championships were all about disqualifications.

From lane infractions to false starts to athlete obstruction to curb infringements, some of the world’s top runners were disqualified from their respective events during the Birmingham, U.K. championships which spanned March 1-4. Perhaps the most notable name was Olympic silver medallist Paul Chelimo, who was disqualified for taking one step on the inside of the track during the men’s 3,000m, which featured four DQs in the heats.

As some of the decisions are reliant on appeals well after the races finish, fans were occasionally left clueless as to who qualified for the next round, or in the case of medals, who finished in what spot on the podium.

Trent Stellingwerff shared the below graph on Twitter on Sunday. “Analysis of [the number] of DQs in [men’s and women’s] 400m events per [IAAF] World Indoor [Championships] over the last 12 editions – couple of outlier champs,” he says.

In one heat of the men’s 400m, every single athlete was disqualified, a first in global athletics, according to NBC Olympics.

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FloTrack shared a list of disqualifications on Sunday with the tally up to 27. On Saturday, FloTrack discussed what may be behind all of the DQs, sharing a piece entitled “Are The British Officials Playing Favorites At IAAF World Championships?