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Aleksandr Sorokin breaks 100K world record

Sorokin ran 6:05:41, averaging an insane pace of 3:39 per kilometre

Photo by: Marek Janiak/UltraPark Weekend

The 100-mile and 24-hour world record holder, Aleksandr Sorokin of Lithuania, has added another world record to his resume by running 6:05:41 over 100K at the Centurion Running Track 100 in Bedford, U.K. on Saturday. Sorokin broke Japan’s Nao Kazami’s previous 100k world record of 6:09:14 from 2018 by almost five minutes.

Aleksandr Sorokin at the Centurion running track in Bedford, U.K. Photo: Twitter/@centurionrunning

The pace of Sorokin’s new 100K world record is three minutes and 39 seconds per kilometre, which is equivalent to running back-to-back marathons in 2:32:33. According to his Strava activity, his goal was to go out at 3:40/km pace, but he found that he felt good 70 kilometres in, picking up the pace to 3:30/km. 

Sorokin also hit the 50K mark in 3:01:50 to set a new Lithuanian national record, breaking his previous 50K record of 3:02:39 from July 2021. The world’s fastest ultrarunner already owned three world records before this: 100 miles in 11:14:56, 12 hours (170.3 kilometres) and 24 hours (309.4 kilometres).

Photo: Marek Janiak/UltraPark Weekend

Leading up to his 100K world record attempt, Sorokin spent several months training at altitude in Kenya’s Rift Valley, running upwards of 250 to 300 kilometres a week (43 kilometres per day).

According to Ally Beaven on Twitter, Sorokin’s 50-mile split of 4:53:41 was the fourth-fastest ever, only three minutes behind Jim Walmsley‘s world record of 4:50:08.

It may not be too long until we see the Lithuanian ultrarunner go for his fifth world record over the 50-mile distance.