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American man runs three 2:30 marathons in three days

Tropf set an unofficial world record for the fastest time to complete three marathons in three days

Jordan Tropf achieved the unthinkable over the weekend, running three consecutive marathons over 72 hours. The 29-year-old Baltimore, Md. resident ran his hometown Baltimore Marathon on Saturday morning, flew to Chicago for the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, then drove to Detriot to fly to Boston to run the Boston Marathon on Monday. He set an unofficial world record for the fastest time to complete three marathons in three days (7:31:30), smashing the previous record of 8:11:08 by 40 minutes.

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Going into the challenge, Tropf’s goal was to run three sub-2:30 marathons. On Saturday, he began his challenge in his hometown, placing second at the Baltimore marathon, running 2:27:23. On Sunday, he was on the start line in Chicago to run his second marathon, finishing 63rd in 2:31:51.

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After his race, he ran into a setback with Southwest Airlines cancelling his direct flight from Chicago to Boston, due to bad weather and air traffic issues. Tropf had to drive five hours to Detriot to get to Boston in time for the marathon. On Monday afternoon, he achieved his goal, finishing 110th in 2:32:13, to complete his third marathon in three days. He averaged a time of 2:30:30 across all three marathons.

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Tropf, an ortophedic surgeon in the Baltimore area, is no stranger to the elite scene, as he won the Baltimore Marathon in 2017 and the Big Sur International Marathon in 2019. He refers to running as a “fun hobby.” His personal best at the marathon distance is 2:25:21, which he ran at the very hilly Big Sur International Marathon in California in 2019.

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