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Niagara Falls Marathon highlights a busy end to the month of October

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Numerous running events–many Halloween-themed–took place over the weekend but none bigger than the historic Niagara Falls International Marathon.

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In the event’s signature marathon, David Savard Gagnon of Baie-St-Pail, Que. was first to cross the iconic finish in a time of 2:30:32. Patrick MacKinnon of Mount Hope (2:34:30) and Karel Burger of Boksburg (2:42:13) rounded out the top three on the men’s side. Linsay Moreau-Verlaan of Sudbury (3:17:24) was the first female to finish. She was followed by Jaclyn Clark of Pickering (3:19:03) and Julie Pickering of Ottawa (3:19:55). There were 935 official finishers in the race that runs from Buffalo, N.Y. across the Peace Bridge into Canada and finishes at the iconic Horseshoe Falls.


The popular half-marathon featured an exciting sprint to the finish among a group of Toronto Olympic Club runners who finished first through fourth as well as sixth. Hajin Tola (1:09:11) was closely followed by teammates Abreham Wagaye (1:09:12) and Ebisa Ejigu (1:09:13) in the men’s race. Victoria Coates of Hamilton was the first female in a time of 1:16:54. Dehininet Jara of Toronto (1:18:56) was second with third-place finisher Amanda McLeod of Hamilton (1:19:00) just seconds back.

The event also offers several shorter events as well. The 10K was won by Nick Newell of Toronto (34:04) and Erin Gregory of Napanee (38:44). In the 5K, Joze Skodnik of Slovenia was first to cross the line in 17:10 with Karin Lucas of South Porcupine the first female finisher in 20:17. All together, there were some 4,000 finishers at this year’s event.

demi blainville finish

Just outside of Montreal, le Demi-marathon Oasis de Blainville took place for the second year and saw an impressive 1,500 participants in all events.

In the featured half-marathon, Mathieu Dube was the first finisher in a time of 1:13:36 with Leslie Gold finishing first for females in 1:31:47. The event also offers a 10K–won by Steven McElliott (32:50) and Jessica McGillis (43:00)–and a 5K–which was won by Christopher Vivet (18:26) and Sandra McLean (19:35).

demi blainville medals

Out on the west coast, the Great Climate Race took place in Vancouver and featured a 10K and 2.5K. It was won by Drew Nicholson in 34:48 and Kate Gustafson in 38:10.