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Australian woman dominates Across The Years over 10 days

Final results from Across the Years

After 10 days, Across the Years, one of the biggest events on the multi-day ultrarunning calendar, is over, and there are some jaw-dropping results. Annabel Hepworth, a 47-year-old journalist from Castlecrag, NSW, Australia, started to dominate the 10-day race a few days in, and racked up a staggering 740.78 miles (1,192.14 kilometres) by the time it ended earlier today.

Hepworth won by 80 miles. Her result averages out to more than 74 miles (119K) per day for 10 days straight, on a one-mile loop in Phoenix, where the temperature dropped to -3 C at night. Judging by her social media, Hepworth races a lot, winning a 6-day race in Adelaide in October with more than 700 kilometres and racing 200K in November.

The 200-mile event was also won by a woman, Jodi Semonell, 47, of Omaha, Nebraska, in 61:23:27. She was also the only female to complete the distance.

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Philip Eberts finished second, with 660.10 miles (1,062.30K). Leanid Anatska was third, with 628.67 miles (1,011.72K). Jess Mullen was second female with 622.38 miles (1,001.60K). Van Phan was third female with 622.38 miles (1,001.60K).

Pablo Espinosa, 40, of St-Polycarpe, Que. was the only Canadian in the 10-day event. He finished in eighth position with 534.37 miles (859.96K).

6 hours

1. Jordan Camastro (45.05 miles/72.50K)
2. Shawn Rogers (37.72 miles/60.70K)
3. Pete Dusharm (4th overall with 32.48 miles/52.27K)

1. Katherine Nierva (3rd overall with 36.67 miles/59.01K)
2. Lindsay Nicoson (33.52 miles/53.95K)
3. Christen Rogers (28.29 miles/45.52K)


Brian Winnett, 47, of Waterloo, Ont. finished 13th overall with 20.95 miles (33.72K).


 12 hours

1. James Nally (61.81 miles/99.48K)
2. David Goodman (4th overall with 54.48 miles/87.68K)
3. Stanford Lake (6th overall with 51.34 miles/82.62K)

1. Chrissy Parks (2nd overall with 60.77 miles/97.79K)
2. Deborah Goodwin (3rd overall with 57.62 miles/92.74K)
3. Melissa Dietrich (5th overall with 52.38 miles/84.31K)

There were no Canadians in the 12-hour.


100 miles

1. Ryan Kaiser 15:23:33
2. David Doran (3rd overall, 24:07:47)
3. Donald Johnson (4th overall, 26:44:16)

1. Amy Mower (2nd overall, 21:10:38)
2. Maria Radonova 29:20:53
3. Yen Nguyen 29:41:56

Monica Winnett, 46, of Waterloo, Ont. was the only Canadian finisher, in 32:17:47 for 15th overall.


200 miles

1. Jodi Semonell (1st overall) 61:23:27

1. Geoffrey Foote (2nd overall, 67:32:48)
2. Denton Sua (3rd overall, 74:43:37)
3. Gus Safar (4th overall, 79:42:27)