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Barkley Marathons: no women left, Calmettes leads

John Kelly is resting up before tackling loop 3

The latest update is that Guillaume Calmettes and Greg Hamilton have headed out onto loop three, while John Kelly takes a nap in camp, having banked some time on loops one and two. Karel Sabbe spent a few minutes in camp, with almost 23 hours elapsed, before heading out onto loop three. Several runners remain on loop two, but all of the women have DNF’d.

Canadian Stephanie Case and Nicky Spinks of the UK were considered the top women contenders this year. Both struggled during loop two, when the temperature dropped quickly from uncomfortably hot to uncomfortably cold.

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Three-time finisher Jared Campbell DNF’d last night. 

After completing loop two, Kelly led, with 21:02:54 elapsed time. Calmettes was in second position, in 21:11:44. Hamilton in just over 22 hours, and Sabbe at 22:57:19.


Around 17 hours remain before the Fun Run cutoff, and only 13 hours until the cutoff for runners intending to start loop four.

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