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Beer Mile World Classic who’s who: Philippe Parrot-Migas

Philippe Parrot-Migas, member of the Western University cross-country team, is off to San Francisco to compete in the Beermile World Classic this weekend.

Beermile nickname: Phillayphil beer mile

My pump up song is: “Lean On” – Major Lazer
My favourite beer is: Barking Squirrel by Hop City. I’m a fan of hoppy beer, therefore I enjoy this beer to sip on. When it comes to the beer mile I prefer Amsterdam Blonde. It’s smooth, crisp and easy to drink (it’s also 5% and 355ml, which is a plus).
My favourite workout is: One kilometre repeats (6-8x1km).
My running hero is: I’m going to have to give this shout out to Guy Schultz. He was and still is a great runner. More importantly he is a great coach at Western University. He has taught me a lot about running and will be a great friend for many years to come.
If I could only run one route for the rest of my life it would be: Last November I competed at CIS cross-country in St. John’s, Newfoundland. I fell in love with the place with its stunning views and wonderful people. There’s something special about running along the Atlantic Ocean (Cape Spear specifically). If I could only run one route for the rest of my life, it would be along the shores of St. John’s.
Finish this sentence: “When I run I _____”: “When I run I feel a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of success and happiness. I would even call it therapeutic.”
What’s harder than a beer mile: There are MANY harder things than a beer mile. Like making your bed every morning, cleaning your washroom regularly… Oh and skateboarding, that’s something I just can’t do.