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Bergeron breaks half-marathon joggling record

Michael Bergeron of Halifax edged just two seconds ahead of his rival, Graydon Snider of Montreal, to take the record for running a half-marathon while juggling three balls

Photo: Canadian Running

Michael Bergeron of Halifax, N.S. broke Michal Kapral’s joggling half-marathon world record today, crossing the finish line in 1:17:09. (Kapral’s record, set in 2014, was 1:20:40.) Bergeron was followed across the finish line two seconds later by his rival, Graydon Snider of Montreal.

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It was a rivalry of the friendliest kind, the two men running and juggling side by side throughout most of the race. Bergeron also holds the 10K joggling record, set at the Navy 10K in Halifax on August 19.


The two men were part of a large group of Guinness world record-seekers at the marathon and half-marathon today, and though not all were successful, many were. We’ll update those when the official results are available from the Guinness organization later today.