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Boston Marathon 2021 registration postponed

Next year's Boston Marathon registration is put on hold until race organizers develop a new framework for holding the event

On Thursday afternoon the B.A.A. announced that the 2021 Boston Marathon registration is postponed until further notice. The event is currently scheduled to take place on April 19, 2021. 

“September is usually a time for the B.A.A. to begin opening registration for April’s Boston Marathon and planning for an already established field size. We know, however, that we cannot open registration until we have a better understanding of where the virus may be in the spring. This group will be immensely helpful in helping the B.A.A. determine a safe return to in-person running events of magnitude,” said Tom Grilk in a statement. 

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The organization is assessing the future of the race in the coming weeks with the help of a 16-person medical team. They say that once a new framework has been developed, their registration timeline will be announced. “We seek to determine with some specificity how and when large-scale road running events organized by the B.A.A. may be able to reasonably resume, while also providing input on which operational aspects will change as events are organized and managed,” said Dr. Aaron Baggish, Co-Medical Director for the B.A.A. and Boston Marathon.


While the organizers can’t be sure what 2021 holds, they know they’ll be back eventually. For now, runners can look forward to the upcoming virtual event which runs from September 5 to 14. If runners are interested in testing their fitness, there’s still time to sign up here

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