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Boston Marathon announces weather advisory

Krista DuChene says, "Perfect."

The Boston Athletic Association has released a weather advisory for this Monday’s marathon. The B.A.A. said on Friday, “The early forecasts for the 123rd Boston Marathon on April 15 are showing the potential for persistent rain, wind, and cold temperatures.” Monday’s weather is predicted to be 7 degrees celsius in the morning with wind gusts up to 37 km/h and significant rain.

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While this weather might cause concern for some runners, Canadian Krista DuChene couldn’t be happier. Amidst some historically bad weather in April 2018, DuChene emerged the third place woman in a shocking finish. DuChene said she’s going back to Boston for a fun race and the draw of big prize money. β€œIt made sense to choose a fun race, which would also generate an income, particularly when I don’t know how much longer I will compete at this level. Our firstborn will be starting university in five years. Like last year, I wanted to return as an elite with the appealing masters prize purse.” She took home $40,000 USD for her third place finish in 2018.

Photo: Alan Brookes

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Photo: Alan Brookes

DuChene jokes that it the weather could get a little worse and she would be fine with it. “When you train through difficult conditions like the Canadian winter, it doesn’t feel so bad on race day. I don’t have the luxury of waiting for the weather to get nice to go for a run because I have to stick to my schedule. I run after I drop my kids off at school which is around 9:30 a.m.”

The runner is hoping to be in the top three masters women and top 15 overall. “I want to be smart on the hills and run according to my own plan. If it works that I’m with the group, great, but rarely does it happen that another group consistently matches your race plan.” In terms of race day gear, the runner is planning to wear a similar outfit to 2018. “I’m going to wear compression socks, longer shorts, a cap, arm bands with gloves and probably a throw-away jacket.”

DuChene’s favourite running memory isn’t her 2018 Boston victory, it’s crossing the finish line at the 2016 Olympics. “I crossed the finish line and ran into the arms of my family. I don’t know how you can top that. I’ve had lots of great running moments but this one was my favourite.”

After Boston, DuChene will take a much-deserved break before heading into a meeting with her coach Dave Scott-Thomas. “Dave and I agreed that after Boston he would tell me what my next move is. I’m going to go into that meeting with an open mind and see what he comes up with.”