Canada’s top 6 themed 5K races

There's everything from running with a Santa suit to running with no clothes at all. No matter your style, these races have you covered (or not)

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Are you a fan of running and themed events? If so, look no further. Below is a list of Canadian themed 5K races that you don’t want to miss. There’s everything from running with a Santa suit to running with no clothes at all. No matter what your style, these races have you covered (or not). 

Perth Kilt Run, Perth, Ont.: The Perth Kilt Run began in 2010 as a way to help Perth, Scotland celebrate its 800th anniversary. The 1,089 finishers of the 2010 event set a new Guinness World Record, and began a tradition that has continued for the past eight years. The next kilt run will be June 22, 2019. The event hosts both a 5K and 8K race in Perth, Ont. 

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Santa 5K, various locations: The race which calls itself, “Canada’s Original and Largest All-Santa Race,” has three different locations and dates where you can run a 5K dressed like the jolly man himself. The race runs events in Hamilton and Burlington, Vermont, as well as Burlington, Ontario. The website states, “All race participants will receive a Santa suit that must be worn during the event. It will consists of a beard, hat, jacket, pants and belt. Santa suits are mandatory. Anyone not wearing the whole suit will be disqualified.”

Santa Burlington 5K
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Wreck Beach Bare Buns Race, Vancouver, B.C.: The 2017 Wreck Beach Bare Buns 5K Run, a naked distance event, attracted as many as 100 people to the nudist beach located in Pacific Spirit Regional Park, adjacent to the University of British Columbia. Runners received a T-shirt with registration at the clothing-optional beach, the largest naturist beach in North America. Unfortunately, due to “unforeseen circumstances,” the 2018 run was cancelled, but hopefully a 2019 edition is in the works for next summer.

Dog Mile
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Furry Friends 5K, Oshawa, Ont.: The Furry Friends 5K supports Oshawa’s local animal rescue and charities. Many runners will bring their pets, but that is totally optional. Race entry comes with a t-shirt for the owner, a race bandanna for the dog, and a free professional photo of you and your canine companion. The race typically takes place on the first weekend in June.

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Shawn & Ed’s Beer Run, Dundas, Ont.: This race is a beautiful combination of charity and a runner’s second love, beer. The Shawn and Ed’s Beer Run 5K, which is also a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House, gives you the opportunity to win your weight in beer. The 2018 winner was two-time Olympic marathoner Reid Coolsaet. The event is typically run in mid-July. 

Divas 5K Calgary, Alta.: The Divas 5K came to Calgary for the first time on June 24, 2018. The Divas race series is the largest women focused race series in North America. The runners wear bright pink tutus while racing the course. Registration is open for next year’s race which will run June 23, 2019.