Around the Bay’s “Heartbreak Hill” back for 2017 race

After a two year hiatus due to construction, the infamous hill 26K into the historic race will once again challenge those hoping to make their way 'Around the Bay.'

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The Grim Reaper at the 2013 Around The Bay Road Race. Credit:
The Grim Reaper at the 2013 Around The Bay Road Race. Credit:

Some praised it’s absence. Others longed to have it back. Whether you love it or loathe it, the Valley Inn Road hill will make it’s return at the 2017 Around the Bay.

The 2017 event which features the signature 30K road race as well as 2- and 3-person relays and a 5K is set for Sunday March 26th.

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Following the completion of construction done by CN to the railway bridge, the announcement was made by race organizers via Twitter on Monday.

The hill is not particularly steep but extends some 500m or more and comes at a particularly tough section of the race. After already running more than 25K including many rolling hills along North Shore Boulevard, participants ascend this final hill which some have equated to ‘Heartbreak Hill’ at the Boston Marathon.

Once at the top, runners have a final 3K which is mostly downhill, to make their way towards the finish inside FirstOntario Place in Hamilton’s downtown. But before they do, they’ll pass by ATB’s now infamous Grim Reaper who offers some final words of encouragement.

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