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Canadian results from 2019 TCS New York City Marathon

The top 10 Canadian men and women at the 2019 TCS NYC marathon, and Canadians who scored a top 10 result in their age group

Sunday was the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon and the race crowned two new winners. In the women’s event, women’s-only world record holder Mary Keitany was upset by Joyciline Jepkosgei who ran her marathon debut. In the men’s race, Geoffrey Kamworor claimed his second New York Marathon title and an unknown runner (with a non-elite bib), who was later identified as Girma Bekele Gebre, finished third.

Top three finishers at NYC 2019

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There were no Canadians in the named elite fields, but a huge number of Canucks went south of the border to the historic marathon (over 1,000, in fact). Here are the top Canadian results from the largest marathon in the world.

Top 10 Canadian men

Dan Way – 78th in 2:30:50
Trevor McIlroy – 211th in 2:39:48
Chris Watson – 233rd in 2:40:54
Jason Skillicorn – 240th in 2:41:15
Dan Clemo – 255th in 2:41:49
Justin Lalanne – 263rd in 2:42:16
Jeramie Carbonaro – 267th in 2:42:25
Steffan Reimer – 285th in 2:42:56
Tory Cox – 311th in 2:43:32
Madison Theriault – 322 in 2:43:48

Joyciline Jepkosgei approaching the finish line of the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon

Top 10 Canadian women

Christy Lovig – 53rd in 2:55:21
Cheryl Pepin – 68th in 2:56:55
Katherine Ahokas – 124th in 3:01:56
Kimberly Bennett – 127th in 3:02:17
Vivian Davidson – 163rd in 3:05:09
Dawn Ladds – 202nd in :08:23
Genevieve Cauffope – 208th in 3:08:31
Sydney Guloien-Olmsted – 241st in 3:10:10
Rebecca Stuart – 244th in 3:10:17
Lindsay Moreau-Verlaan – 256th in 3:10:41

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Canadian age-group results

Men 45-49
9. Chris Watson, 45 of Huntsville, Ont.  2:40:54

Men 50-59
7. Troy Cox, 51 of Huntsville, Ont.  2:43:32

Men 55-59
3. Carey Nelson, 56 of Vancouver  2:54:24

Women 40-44
6. Christy Lovig of Kelowna, B.C. 2:55:21

Women 50-54
7. Shi Ying Zeng, 53 of Richmond, B.C. 3:16:59

Women 65-69
8. Marie Chapman, 65 of Prince George, B.C. 4:08:31

Full results can be found here.