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Canadian results from London Marathon

Some fast Canadians ran Sunday's Virgin Money London Marathon

It was an exciting day at the Virgin Money London Marathon yesterday, and not only because Prince Harry was posing for pictures with the winners (though we admit to being pretty excited about that). Two Canadian age-groupers were first in their age categories: Allison Blackmore of Calgary (W50-54), who ran an impressive 2:55:04, and Liz Borrett of Kelowna, B.C. (W80-84), who ran an equally impressive 4:45:24.

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Borrett has moved up an age group since last year’s Chicago Marathon, where she actually ran much slower.
Blackmore was also the top Canadian woman and first in her age group at last year’s New York City Marathon.

The fastest Canadians overall were Noel Loo (18-39) in 2:36:09, Chris Schwarz (45-49) in 2:42:45, and Mark Davis (18-39) in 2:44:59.

There were no Canadians in the elite field this year. Since no other Canadians placed in the top three in their age groups, we give you the top three Canadians in each age group.

Men 18-39

Noel Loo 2:36:09
Mark Davis 2:44:59
Derek Campbell 3:03:51

Women 18-39

Andrea Scott 3:12:27
Tatyana Potiyenko 3:14:33
Julie Pickering 3:17:22

Men 40-44

Ammon Piepgrass 2:53:10
Brian Byrne 2:58:20
Darrell Lahey 2:58:34

Women 40-44

Ana Laura Fray 3:02:00
Adrianne Seidel 3:13:04
Lisa-Marie Santelli 3:17:36

Men 45-49

Chris Schwarz 2:42:45
Yuehong Xu 3:00:11
Daniel Germain 3:05:14

Women 45-49

Jacqueline Pettersen 3:08:55
Agnes Fenaux 3:28:45
Ting Qian 3:38:57


Men 50-54

Martin St-Pierre 2:50:52
Domenic Mammoliti 3:20:42
Darren Starchuk 3:30:02

Women 50-54

Allison Blackmore 2:55:04 (first in age)
Catherine Fah 3:41:13
Dominique Tremblay 3:43:41

Men 55-59

Walter Downey 3:01:47
Jocelyn Allaire 3:23:39
Dany Gobeil 3:28:04

Women 55-59

Josee Hotton 3:32:25
Elaine Marchese 3:40:11
Gail Dornan 3:51:30

Men 60-64

Nirmal Toor 3:25:12
David Dyer 3:26:25
Bernard Rancourt 3:28:53

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Women 60-64

Bette Clark 4:00:20
Janet Chiu 4:07:33
Julie Frydenlund 4:10:33

Men 65-69

Khi Khong Michael Jong 3:25:57
Robert Forbes 3:32:26
Paul Sands 3:47:06

Women 65-69

Janet Green 4:24:24
Sylvia Cashmore 4:27:05
Lucette Rousseau Robitaille 4:55:19

Men 70-74

Ross Coomber 5:10:35

Women 70-74

Barbara Urquhart 4:57:36

Women 80-84

Liz Borrett 4:46:24 (first in age)