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Canadian results from the 2020 virtual London Marathon

Canada's fastest virtual runners from the 2020 London Marathon

Sunday was both the in-person elite and virtual race for the 2020 London Marathon. Canadian Tristan Woodfine was the first Canadian across the in-person start line, securing Olympic standard in the process, but there were many Canadians running at home who secured some speedy times as well. Here are the Canadian results from the 2020 London Marathon, at-home edition. 


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Leo Papail – 2:36:11
Pierre Boulay – 2:47:29
Jim Tai – 2:49:07
Regis Fortin – 2:53:56
Jason Tripp – 2:55:56
Aaron Knobloch – 2:57:37
Shengxi Duan – 3:02:06
Jian Zhang – 3:07:19
Yanjian Huang – 3:14:58
Kevin Tan – 3:15:33

Photo: Twitter/runnersworlduk


Nini Wu – 3:05:25
Kathleen Lawrence – 3:09:39
Shalaleh Tarbait – 3:14:06
Karen Penwell – 3:19:57
Melissa Raven – 3:20:15
Meitang Liu – 3:21:34
Madeline Weisman – 3:22:19
Xialing Hu – 3:24:09
Rhonda Springer – 3:25:27
Sara Li – 3:26:06

Full results can be found here.

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