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Canadian results from the Comrades Marathon virtual races

South Africans won every one of the virtual races, but some Canadians still posted great results

Comrades marathon

After the Comrades Marathon was forced to cancel due to COVID-19, race organizers planned a virtual event—which they called Race the Comrades Legends—instead. The event was held on Sunday, the same day as the in-person marathon had originally been scheduled. The Comrades Marathon is normally 87K or 90K (the course alternates between two directions each year), but for the virtual event, organizers added 45K, 21K, 10K and 5K race options to the traditional 90K distance. South Africans have won the men’s Comrades Marathon since 2012 and the women’s event for the past two years, and they continued their winning ways on Sunday, taking the top spots in every virtual race, while several Canadians registered big results in their age groups and the overall rankings. 

South African sweep

South Africans won each event on both the men’s and women’s sides in the Comrades virtual races. In total, only 15 runners who aren’t from South Africa finished in the top 10, meaning that South Africans earned 85 per cent of the top-10 finishes in Sunday’s virtual races.

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On the men’s side, South Africans swept each podium, from the 5K up to the 90K, with the best non-South African finishers in fourth place. For the women, South African runners took the top two spots in each race, and in the half-marathon and 10K, the top 10 finishers were all from the host country.

Canadian finishers

The races featured a whopping 43,788 participants from around the world, some of whom were from Canada. Here are the top Canadian results from the event.

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Tanya Zarin

Race: 90K

Time: 9:49:09

Rank: 291st (30th female and third in Women 50-54 category)


Stacey Kuypers

Race: 90K

Time: 10:12:41

Rank: 377th (38th female and fifth in Women 35-39 category)


Sean Abraham

Race: 21K

Time: 1:25:27

Rank: 95th (35th in the Men 19-34 category)


Elizabeth Waywell

Race: 21K

Time: 1:39:40

Rank: 589th (61st female and first in the Women 60-64 category)


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Alida Viljoen

Race: 21K

Time: 1:40:44

Rank: 666th (71st female and 23rd in the Women 19-34 category)


Heleen De Necker

Race: 21K

Time: 1:42:40

Rank: 805th (90th female and 24th in the Women 40-44 category)


Ellie Greenwood

Race: 10K

Time: 41:08

Rank: 97th (17th female and fourth in the Women 40-44 category)


Bev Dyer

Race: 10K

Time: 53:09

Rank: 866th (218th female and 25th in the Women 40-44 category)


Mike Master 

Race: 10K

Time: 45:40

Rank: 219th (179th male and first in the Men 65-69 category)


Ron Peddle

Race: 5K

Time: 22:25

Rank: 68th (third in the Men 60-64 category)


Katrina Dutkiewicz

Race: 5K

Time: 25:18

Rank: 188th (50th female and 13th in the Women 19-34 category)