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Celebrate 10 years of SeaWheeze with lululemon’s exclusive anniversary collection

Lululemon's playful limited-edition collection for SeaWheeze drops Aug. 17

On August 17, lululemon will be opening their SeaWheeze online store for runners to get their hands on some 10th-anniversary limited edition gear. In celebration of the 10th year, lululemon is dropping a playful limited-edition collection that has a sleek futuristic and utopian look and feel. The clashing shapes, textures, patterns, and colours in the collection will bring the fun, energetic spirit of the SeaWheeze race weekend to life as runners virtually race the challenge this year between Sept. 18 and 26.

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Whether you are registered for the race or not, you can still get your hands on these anniversary items that are perfect for running and exercise. Lululemon says each piece of the 10th-anniversary collection is meant to celebrate the transformative experience that running can bring. 

The luminous 72-piece capsule is full of reflective material and vibrant colours reflected throughout, featuring auric gold, turquoise tide and clear mint.

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The SeaWheeze prints have been inspired by the beautiful scenery around the city of Vancouver and lululemon’s roots. The prints carry hand-drawn flowing shapes combined with rhythmic figures in a collage of imagery. Lululemon produces high-performance run gear and post-sweat layers to give athletes everything they need.

Whether you’re training toward a personal goal, participating in SeaWheeze this year or just looking for technical performance gear to train in, this is lululemon’s most vibrant collection yet.

View the SeaWheeze collection here: