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Corey Bellemore cracks 4:00 mile

The beer mile world record holder joins an exclusive club in elite middle-distance running

beer mile


Corey Bellemore may be able to shake the beer mile tag (if he wishes) after his most recent result.

The Windsor, Ont. middle-distance runner broke four minutes in the mile (1,609m), the most famous benchmark in men’s track, for the first time on Saturday. The feat was accomplished at the 2018 BU (Boston University) John Thomas Terrier Classic.

Breaking four wasn’t close either. Rather than running in the 3:59s or 3:58s, Bellemore clocked 3:57.20 for fourth in his heat, the most competitive section. In early January, Bellemore lowered his then-PB to 4:00.75 meaning he lowered his time three-to-four seconds.

Bellemore holds the world record in the beer mile with a time of 4:33.6, which includes drinking four 355 mL beers and running a little more than four 400m laps of a track. He runs for Adidas.

“Take chances, be spontaneous and let nothing slow you down,” Bellemore tweeted out on Saturday.

In the same race, Justyn Knight, the reigning NCAA cross-country champion, lowered his own Syracuse University record in the mile to 3:55.82.