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Dog jumps into 4 x 200m, wins race

It appears four legs really are better than two

A lot of action happened on the track this past weekend, but perhaps the most exciting race was the 4 x 200m relay at the Grizzly Invitational in Logan, Utah. The race itself was not the fastest relay ever recorded, but it was fun to watch, thanks to a dog that joined the anchor leg and won the race. You can watch the video from MileSplit below, and skip to 1:35 to see the dog join the race.

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We don’t know who the dog belonged to, nor do we have any official stats for him, but he deserves props for a killer kick, making up a sizeable gap on the leader in less than 100m. To make it even more impressive, he did it with a leash dragging behind him (that must slow you down somewhat), and even let up at the line a bit to casually jog to the finish. He did step out of his lane at the end of the race and nearly tripped the human first-placed finisher, but we’ll let it slide this time on the grounds that this was likely his first track race, and he probably was unaware of the rules.

Will we see more of this speedy pooch in races to come? Perhaps not — but one thing’s for certain, whichever athlete that dog belongs to, they’ve got a very quick and enthusiastic training partner.

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