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Headphone-wearing hero wins first 400m of Around the Bay 30K

The runner could be seen at the front of the lead pack in the early stages then dropped out, according to results

Around the Bay 30K

Scattered amongst the top split short- and singlet-wearing distance runners at the 2018 Around the Bay 30K was one headphone-wearing participant who got some camera time leading the race for the first several hundred metres.

According to the results page, bib 284, pinned onto the official race long sleeve, was registered to Cage Maracle of Guelph, Ont. Results show that he did not finish the race, last splitting 41:22 through the 10K mark with no clockings beyond that point.

In a pre-race video, he says that his goal time was 1:30, which would have been a course record. He filmed ATB too, or at least appeared to, as he was wearing a GoPro on his head.

Around the Bay
Photo: Kevin Mackinnon.

Both George Aitkin and Triathlon Magazine Canada‘s Kevin Mackinnon were situated near the start line and captured photos of the runner wearing bib 284 out front, leading even the eventual winner of the 30K, Haron Kiptoo Sirma. “Someone looks a little out of place on the front row at the start of the 2018 Around The Bay 30K,” Aitkin captioned his photo.

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