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VIDEO: Eliud Kipchoge shows rival where to run on Berlin roads

A bizarre exchange between Eliud Kipchoge and Guye Adola near the 35K mark of the 2017 Berlin Marathon

Eliud Kipchoge

It was the master of the marathon versus the newcomer to the distance at the Berlin Marathon.

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At Abbott World Marathon Majors, and other big-city marathons around the world, lines are painted on the road to offer a visual of where to run if one wants to cover the exact distance of the race. Deviate from the line, and you are likely running extra metres.

In a scene you’ve likely never seen before in a race, Eliud Kipchoge showed competitor Guye Adola where to run on the road during Sunday’s Berlin Marathon. The two were alone out front for much of the closing stages of the race before Kipchoge accelerated over the final 2K and won in 2:03:32. Adola, who had never before run a marathon, finished second in 2:03:46.

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Alternatively, Kipchoge may have been suggesting that he give him some space, as he did during the 2016 Olympic marathon when he was repeatedly clipped by Feyisa Lilesa.