Esselink, Emebet win Edmonton Half-Marathon

In contrast to last year's air quality issues, conditions were perfect for racing in Edmonton today

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The Servus Edmonton Marathon was the site of some competitive races and some interesting Guinness World Record attempts today. More than 5,000 runners participated in the full marathon, half-marathon, 10K, 5K and kids race. Unlike last year, when smoke from wildfires in the region literally cast a pall over the proceedings, this year conditions were cool and overcast, but otherwise clear.

In the full marathon, David Mutai of Etobicoke, Ont. broke the tape in 2:20:06 (a new course record, and a two-minute personal best for Mutai, who also won this year’s Mississauga Marathon), followed by four-time half-marathon winner Kip Kangogo of Lethbridge, Alta. (who is now 40) in second place in 2:23:27. (This was only Kangogo’s second marathon–he finished fifth at the Calgary Marathon in May.) Collin Jarvis of Oakland, California in third, in 2:27:29. (Jarvis was racing for a Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon run by a male with an ostomy. He has ulcerative colitis, and, according to a report in the Edmonton Sun, has had surgery to remove his colon.)

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In the women’s full marathon, the winner was Kari Elliott of Red Deer, Alta. in 3:01:00. Caroline Gecker of Boulder, Co. was second, in 3:06:31 and Anna Kessler of Edmonton was third, in 3:08:40.

Evan Esselink of Vancouver was the winner of the very competitive half-marathon in 65 minutes, 7 seconds, followed by Chris Balestrini in 65:42 and Ahmed Osman of Flagstaff, Arizona in 65:55. Trevor Hofbauer of Calgary was sixth, in 66:29.

The women’s race was won by Mengistu Emebet of Toronto in 70:31, with Hirut Beyene Guangul of Ethiopia in 75:02 and Dayna Pidhoresky of Vancouver in 75:25. Krista DuChene of Brantford, Ont. was fourth, in 1:15:41.

Results at a glance

Half-marathon results–male

1. Evan Esselink–1:05:07
2. Chris Balestrini
3. Ahmed Osman

Half-marathon results–female

1. Mengistu Emebet–1:10:31
2. Hirut Beyene Guangul–1:15:02
3. Dayna Pidhoresky–1:15:25

Full marathon results–male

1. David Mutai 2:20:06
2. Kip Kangogo 2:23:27
3. Collin Jarvis 2:27:29

Full marathon results–female

1. Kari Elliott 3:01:00
2. Caroline Gecker 3:06:31
3. Anna Kessler 3:08:40

10K results–male

1. Leonard Chesoo 30:24
2. Richard Reid 31:53
3. Zain Syed Ahmed 32:15

10K results–female

1. Melissa Paauwe 36:51
2. Vanessa Trofimenkoff 37:24
3. Taylor Carlin 37:37

5K results–male

1. Yahye Mohamed 15:59
2. Ahmed Abdullahi 16:54
3. Simon Ong 17:03

5K results–female

1. Hayley Basterash 18:48
2. Jaira Cross Child 19:20
3. Mariana Guerra Maupome 21:53