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Esselink, Emebet win Edmonton Half-Marathon

In contrast to last year's air quality issues, conditions were perfect for racing in Edmonton today

The Servus Edmonton Marathon was the site of some competitive races and some interesting Guinness World Record attempts today. More than 5,000 runners participated in the full marathon, half-marathon, 10K, 5K and kids race. Unlike last year, when smoke from wildfires in the region literally cast a pall over the proceedings, this year conditions were cool and overcast, but otherwise clear.

In the full marathon, David Mutai of Etobicoke, Ont. broke the tape in 2:20:06 (a new course record, and a two-minute personal best for Mutai, who also won this year’s Mississauga Marathon), followed by four-time half-marathon winner Kip Kangogo of Lethbridge, Alta. (who is now 40) in second place in 2:23:27. (This was only Kangogo’s second marathon–he finished fifth at the Calgary Marathon in May.) Collin Jarvis of Oakland, California in third, in 2:27:29. (Jarvis was racing for a Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon run by a male with an ostomy. He has ulcerative colitis, and, according to a report in the Edmonton Sun, has had surgery to remove his colon.)

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In the women’s full marathon, the winner was Kari Elliott of Red Deer, Alta. in 3:01:00. Caroline Gecker of Boulder, Co. was second, in 3:06:31 and Anna Kessler of Edmonton was third, in 3:08:40.


Evan Esselink of Vancouver was the winner of the very competitive half-marathon in 65 minutes, 7 seconds, followed by Chris Balestrini in 65:42 and Ahmed Osman of Flagstaff, Arizona in 65:55. Trevor Hofbauer of Calgary was sixth, in 66:29.

The women’s race was won by Mengistu Emebet of Toronto in 70:31, with Hirut Beyene Guangul of Ethiopia in 75:02 and Dayna Pidhoresky of Vancouver in 75:25. Krista DuChene of Brantford, Ont. was fourth, in 1:15:41.

Results at a glance

Half-marathon results–male

1. Evan Esselink–1:05:07
2. Chris Balestrini
3. Ahmed Osman

Half-marathon results–female

1. Mengistu Emebet–1:10:31
2. Hirut Beyene Guangul–1:15:02
3. Dayna Pidhoresky–1:15:25

Full marathon results–male

1. David Mutai 2:20:06
2. Kip Kangogo 2:23:27
3. Collin Jarvis 2:27:29

Full marathon results–female

1. Kari Elliott 3:01:00
2. Caroline Gecker 3:06:31
3. Anna Kessler 3:08:40

10K results–male

1. Leonard Chesoo 30:24
2. Richard Reid 31:53
3. Zain Syed Ahmed 32:15

10K results–female

1. Melissa Paauwe 36:51
2. Vanessa Trofimenkoff 37:24
3. Taylor Carlin 37:37

5K results–male

1. Yahye Mohamed 15:59
2. Ahmed Abdullahi 16:54
3. Simon Ong 17:03

5K results–female

1. Hayley Basterash 18:48
2. Jaira Cross Child 19:20
3. Mariana Guerra Maupome 21:53