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First-time marathoner wins Manitoba Marathon

Corey Gallagher of Winnipeg was the winner of the marathon, crossing the line in 2:37:47

Manitoba Marathon



Corey Gallagher of Winnipeg was the winner of the Manitoba Marathon, crossing the line in 2:37:47. Shockingly, Sunday was Gallagher’s first-ever marathon. Gallagher reportedly had no idea he would win. 

Gallagher works as a letter carrier for Canada Post, walking roughly 64 kilometres a week for work, and running another 100 kilometres per week for training. 

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Gallagher is not only strong on the roads, but also on the track. He has run the sixth fastest beer mile in history, clocking a 4:48.62 at the Flotrack 2015 Championships. Looking forward to the rest of the summer, Gallagher plans to take a week off of running before gearing up for the Beer Mile World Classic in Vancouver on August 11th. 

Gallagher was around four minutes ahead of Jeremy Walker, who finished second in a time of 2:41:41. Third place went to Cliff De Bruijn in a time of 2:43:32. 

In women’s results, Amy Feit won in a time of 3:02:50. Second place went to University of Manitoba student Selene Sharpe, in a time of 3:07:02. Rebecca Sturgess took third in a time of 3:08:56. 

Click here for complete results. 

Global News Winnipeg took their cheering duties very seriously. They sent a crew of cheerleaders Sunday morning to help the runners through the 42.2K. The cheerleaders took an unconventional approach by asking runners random questions. Questions included: “What’s your Netflix password?” “Who let the dogs out?” and “Do you have to go to the bathroom?” 


The event hosts a marathon, half-marathon, 10K and a relay. The wide range of events makes the Winnipeg race an ideal family run. The race happens annually on Father’s Day, and is celebrating its 40th year.

The Manitoba Marathon Foundation helps to support people who live with intellectual disability. Runners have raised millions for the Manitoba Marathon Foundation since the first-ever marathon in 1979. Click here to donate.