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Five really expensive marathons


For Canadians, the New York City Marathon is now north of $400 (in Canadian dollars). That’s a lot of money, but pales in comparison to five of the priciest marathons on Earth. These race weekends come with incredibly hefty entry fees – but do offer an exotic experience. If bragging rights and travel are priceless to you, these five marathons may be of interest to you.

1. North Pole Marathon, $16,411

North Pole

The entry fee may be steep but it includes accommodation, entry fee, race swag, medical support and a helicopter ride to the drop off. This event will take runners right to the North Pole running on a frozen highway.

2. Antarctic Ice Marathon, $15,897

Ice Marathon

Running in November this year, racers travel from Punta Arenas, Chile to the start line at Union Glacier, Antarctica. Round-trip flights are included as well as food, accommodation, photos and race swag. This is the most southern marathon in the world and runners can expect to run in chilling -20C temperatures.

3. Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon, US $2,700



Race at the world’s highest marathon and brag that you’ve been to Mount Everest. This race takes runners to an impressive 18,200ft. Perhaps the biggest draw for entering this race is the panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks. Entrants have to be in Nepal three weeks prior to the event. A two-week trek to the start kicks off this holiday. This fee will get you the lodge accommodation package during your trip.

4. Great Wall Marathon, $1,489

(seven-day package)

This race is so packed with 2,500 that runners can expect bottle-necked conditions running the Great Wall of China and around fortress walls. The race starts in Huangyaguan and involves a 4K uphill climb to the wall entrance.

5. Safaricom Marathon, Kenya, $587

(including entry fee and accommodation but not travel)

Safari Marathon

This is an incredible race located in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy where racers will run right through lion territory. It has grown to 1,200 races last year. Keen runners can sign up in Feb.