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Florence Barron, 81, runs Cape to Cabot in 2:14:45

Results from the gruelling Newfoundland race

Florence Barron, 81, finished the Cape to Cabot 20K on Sunday in 2:14:45. The masters runner not only finished the gruelling Newfoundland course, but did so not far off her 2018 finishing time of 2:12:46.

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Barron has been running races and breaking age-group records in Newfoundland for years. And these races are not for sissies: the Cape to Cabot, which runs from Cape Spear to Signal Hill in St. John’s (with four major hills a mile-long climb up near the end), is billed as the “toughest race in Eastern North America.” Barron has run it many times, and in 2017 she set a new personal best of 2:06:58.

Zach Putt was the men’s winner in 1:16:47. Second place went to Mark Richards in 1:24:49 and third place to James Cadigan in 1:25:28.

Jennifer Murrin was second overall and the female winner by ten minutes, finishing in 1:19:32. Second place went to Stephanie Nevin in 1:29:57 and third place to Janelle Simmons in 1:32:40.

Barron’s result wasn’t the only surprise at the 2019 event–there was a brief appearance by a moose on the course.

The Cape to Cabot also has the distinction of being the first “green” race in Newfoundland and Labrador, with reusable cloth tote bags for race kits, permanent signage, real cutlery and plates for post-race refreshments, paperless communication, no thermal blankets (runners’ bags are brought to the finish line area), and the race has subscribed to a Pledge of Sustainability, working towards lowering the environmental impact of athletic events.

The full results can be found here.