“Angry, impatient” driver cuts onto London’s Forest City Road Race course

The course was partially blocked off to vehicle traffic but one driver appeared to feel the need to cut onto the course briefly.

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An “angry and impatient” driver was seen cutting onto the course at the London, Ont.-based Forest City Road Race on Sunday.

The incident occurred at the 20K mark of the McFarlan Rowlands Half-Marathon, near the intersection of Talbot Street and Central Avenue. Runners, travelling southwards, take a left, eastwards, onto Central Avenue from Talbot with approximately 1K to go.

“Angry, impatient driver (the one closest to camera cutting the line) making things dangerous for runners,” the London Pacers Tweeted out on Sunday. The London-based club also noted that there were some “dangerous situations” happening at the intersection as students move out at the end of the post-secondary academic year.

According to the sequence of tweets, police at the intersection informed the driver, who went into the blocked-off, south-facing lane, of the race’s protocol. The briefing came after the vehicle inched forward even further. There appears to be a gap in the line of cars from where the white Ford exited.

As can be seen in the photos, one of two lanes were blocked to traffic during the race. Half-marathon participants had four hours to complete the race before being asked to move to the sidewalk.

The London-based event sold out ahead of race day and featured two of Canada’s top distance runners: Olympian Eric Gillis and Pan Am Games marathon bronze medallist Rachel Hannah. The Forest City Road Races featured a kids run, 5K, 10K and half-marathon.