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Fraud Street Run: a race from Four Seasons Total Landscaping to the Four Seasons Hotel

A running race that travels between Rudy Guliani's favourite landscaping business and a local hotel

On Saturday, former New York City mayor and Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Guliani held a press conference at a landscaping business that, as CBC put it, stands between a sex shop and a crematorium 16 kilometres northeast of downtown Philadelphia. Four Seasons Total Landscaping is reported by the New York Times as the intended location for the press conference, as Philly is a liberal city, and the landscaping Four Seasons sits in a Republican pocket. Others (including many reporters who intended to attend the conference) believed the press conference was to be held at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown, near the action and where ballots were being counted in one of the tightest races in American election history.

Either way, Guliani spoke at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, not the Four Seasons Hotel, and now some clever runners are putting on a race that travels between the two locations.

Note: the first iteration of the below tweet read Four Seasons, 11 a.m.


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The Fraud Street Run is set to go on Sunday, November 29, running the roughly 17K from the landscaping business to the hotel. The run will begin at 9 a.m. ET and cost nothing to enter. It is unsanctioned. Neither business is affiliated with the run. There will be no aid stations.

However, runners are encouraged to donate at least $10 to Philabundance, a local food bank that’s affiliated with Feeding America. If runners are interested in participating and traveling the route between two similarly named (but entirely different) businesses, or simply donating, see here for more information

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