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Freakiest weather from recent Boston marathons

Worried about a little rain this year? Be glad you weren't running Boston during these years (or bragging rights if you were)


With the forecasted rain making some runners nervous for this year’s Boston Marathon, we thought we’d look back at some real crazy Boston weather since 2000.

Fastest: 2011

The course follows a roughly northeasterly path, and strong winds from the west/southwest gave runners a massive tailwind in 2011, sending the first four men across the finish line in well under the course record of 2:05:52, set the previous year by Robert Cheruiyot.

Coldest: 2007

Eight C to 10 C doesn’t sound terrible, but a strong headwind and rain made the 2007 marathon a painful slog for many.

Deena Kastor at the 2007 Boston Marathon. Photo: Wikimedia/Ambibro


No snow has been reported in this century, and no significant snowfall since the late 1960s.

Hottest: 2012

Conditions were very warm last year, with temperatures of 21 C to 23 C, but in 2012, the temperature soared to 30.5 C. Let’s just say there weren’t many PB’s set in 2012.

Fingers crossed, there will be no extremes in weather this year!

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