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Gary Robbins chugs eggnog in gut-wrenching ‘Nog Jog’ mile challenge

And you thought the beer mile was tough

Photo by: YouTube/Gary Robbins

Gary Robbins recently completed the Coast Mountain Trail Running (CMTR) Winter Scavenger Hunt, which was a 60-day virtual event that featured 20 different running challenges. He saved the toughest challenge for last, running the “Nog Jog” on January 30, one day before the scavenger hunt officially ended. The Nog Jog is essentially a beer mile, but instead of chugging a beer every 400m lap, you chug eggnog. Robbins and his wife Linda each drank 1.42 litres of eggnog in this mile time trial, which we don’t recommend trying yourself. 

The Nog Jog 

Robbins opened strong, chugging his first 355 ml of eggnog in a speedy seven seconds. He then took off, completing his first lap of the track in 1:15. It was a great start, but the wheels quickly fell off, and he struggled to get his next cup of eggnog down. It took him 32 seconds to finish that chug, but he made up for it with a decent second lap, which he covered in 1:25.

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After a quick start and a slow follow-up chug, Robbins seemed to find a happy medium for his third and fourth eggnogs, getting them down in 23 and 22 seconds, respectively. He closed the second half of the run with 1:32 and 1:22 laps, finishing the run in an impressive seven minutes flat. Overall, his chug time worked out to 1:25, and his runs totalled 5:35, which is pretty quick considering he had more than a litre of thick, creamy liquid churning around in his stomach. 

After the run, Robbins wandered off to puke (although he managed to keep the eggnog down) and his son went to check on him. In the video posted above, Robbins can be heard saying, “Mommy and Daddy do stupid things sometimes.” 



Other challenges 

This is definitely not the first food-related running challenge out there, and certainly will not be the last, but it does have the potential to induce the most vomiting. A beer mile is tough, yes, and the carbonation definitely adds to the difficulty, but at least it isn’t thick and creamy like eggnog. There’s also a race called the vodka steeplechase, which sees people run 3,000m on the track, hopping over barriers along the way and taking seven shots of vodka throughout the run. This would also be hard to stomach, but runners should be more worried about falling over (seven shots of vodka is a lot) rather than puking. 

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Perhaps the event that best rivals Robbins’s Nog Jog is the Highway 2 McDonald’s race in Kingston, Ont. In this event, runners go 4K to a McDonald’s, where they eat an entire Double Big Mac meal (large fries, a large pop and a Double Big Mac). Then they have to make the 4K return trip. Maybe next year’s CMTR Winter Scavenger Hunt will combine the two for a Double Big Mac Nog Jog. It could be fun to watch. 

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