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Goals for 2020: how about the Skydive Ultra?

This race gives new meaning to the terms "run, jump, throw"

Looking for a race with spectacular elevation change combined with the fastest first two miles you’ll ever experience? Consider signing up for the Skydive Ultra, taking place in Clewiston, Florida (northwest of Fort Lauderdale) on January 25-26. Runners take a 20 minute flight to 13,500 for their skydiving, which involves 50 seconds of free fall at 120 mph. (Then they start running.) How’s that for a fast start?

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You can sign up for 10K, a half-marathon, full marathon, 50K, 50 miles, 100K or 100 miles. The course is a 7.25-mile (11.7K) dirt and grass loop around the skydive landing field, through farmers’ fields. It’s very exposed to the elements (i.e. the south Florida sun). There is one aid station, and you can stash a bag at the start/finish, which you pass through on each lap. Camping and showers are available on-site, and the site is very spectator- and family-friendly, away from traffic. The race is chip-timed.

The skydiving part is weather-dependent. (If the weather is poor and then clears up, racers may be offered the chance to skydive in the middle of their race.)

Of course, if you’re chicken (or you want to watch others do it before trying it yourself), you can sign up to race any distance without the skydive.

But where’s the fun in that?