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High school track star challenges Ted Ginn Jr. to a race

Now this is a Twitter challenge that hopefully comes to fruition

On Friday afternoon, New Orleans Saints wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. put out a $10,000 wager for anyone who could beat him from pole to pole.

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In a Bleacher Report interview, Ginn Jr. said that he’s the fastest guy in the NFL and that he’d race against anyone, anywhere, but no one has challenged him yet.

High school sprinting phenom Matt Boling responded to the challenge on Twitter with one word, “Bet.”


Boling, a high school senior from Houston, Texas, made a name for himself in the running world when he ran a shocking 9.98s 100m three weeks ago, which wasn’t record-eligible due to the tailwind, but remains one of the fastest times in the world for the 2019 outdoor season and one of the fastest times ever run by an American high school student.

The 18-year-old followed up that stunning performance with a wind-legal 10.13s 100m win at the UIL Outdoor Championships in Austin, Texas last week. That 10.13 puts Boling in the top-25 fastest 100m times for the 2019 outdoor season in the world. For even more context, Boling’s 10.13 also matches 2018 Canadian 100m champion Aaron Brown’s 2019 season best. His 10.13 is the fastest time ever run by an American high school student during the regular season in a high school meet.

It’s unlikely that this match will ever happen, but if it does, we want a front seat.