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Holiday travel do’s and don’ts

If you're heading to a resort with the family this season, don't overlook these things

The holiday travel frenzy is here. With the winter chill having settled in to Canada’s provinces and territories, many a Canadian has desires to get away. Plus, since our country is so vast, sometimes it’s more appealing to meet the whole clan for the holidays in a destination spot rather than travel to the opposite coast. While enjoying a break in a hot-spot that offers pretty views and a bit of sunshine, there are a few do’s and don’ts that every runner should keep in mind. Here’s our laundry list…  

Do: Get the run in early. The thing about vacations is that they’re unpredictable. By getting the run in early, you have completed the work during the time when your family is sleeping or having a leisurely breakfast. That means that later, if something pops up unexpectedly you can take part.

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Don’t: Let the run get in the way of family time. If the family has something fun planned, don’t be that person who makes everyone wait until you’re done your run. Furthermore, the holidays is family time so if you have to choose between quality time and the run, choose your fam. 

Don’t: Forget to stay hydrated. Between the hot weather and alcohol available at the resorts that Canadians go to during the holidays, dehydration can become a big issue. That’s one of the worst things for a runner. To avoid feeling zapped on the run, come with proper sports hydration at the ready. Don’t bother lugging bulky sports drinks when items like Nuun tablets are available. One we specifically recommend is the new caffeinated ginger lemonade and blackberry citrus flavours – both of which just came to Canada and are super easy to sneak into a suitcase pocket. Plus, they’re vegan and low in sugar. A container or two is just the thing runners need not forget to pack.

Do: Run with a family member and go at their pace. If your sister wants to join you for a treadmill session in the resort gym, the answer is yes. If your brother runs at a slower pace but wants to come with, go for it.

Don’t: Go on and on about your workout split times. Keep the running talk simple over the holidays and don’t talk at length about the minor details if you can sense the eyes glazing over. 

Do: Allow yourself to stray. Getting on a plane while believing that the workout schedule is going to stay the same is setting yourself up for failure. Allow for things to change and go with the flow – that’s what holidays are for. 

Do: Explore your new surroundings through running. One of the biggest perks for the runner is getting to know new locations on foot. You’ll thank yourself for building up endurance when you realize there’s so much to explore.

Do: Say yes to other ways to keep active. Whether the family is setting up a competitive game of beach volleyball or your fun aunt has enlisted you as her sea kayaking sidekick, saying yes will invite positive experiences. Taking part in other active endeavors will likely make the trip.