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VIDEO: Runners attempt to keep pace with Mo Farah

Runners attempt to keep pace with four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah

Mo Farah


Think you have a shot against Mo Farah?

BBC Sport posted a video on Aug. 12, entitled “How Mo could YOU go?” featuring runners going up against the pace of the four-time Olympic champion. The video has been seen worldwide with more than 5.6 million views.

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“Don’t try this at home,” sports scientist Carl Evans says introducing the segment. Strapped in with a harness just in case the pace is too much, runners try their best to keep up with Farah, who has lifetime bests over 5,000m and 10,000m of 12:53.11 and 26:46.57. For the 5,000m, his pace is a tad faster than 62 seconds per 400m.


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Runners last anywhere from 5 second to a minute when the treadmill speed is set at “Mo Farah.”