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Incredible third-place finish for Canada’s Krista DuChene at Boston marathon

Canadian runner pulls off unexpected third-place finish while battling wind and rain

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Canada’s Krista DuChene has placed third at the 122nd running of the Boston marathon earlier today.

Only two women ran faster than DuChene: winner Des Linden and second-place finisher Sarah Sellers, both of the U.S.

It’s probably safe to say she was not expecting to do quite this well. Maybe the Canadian-style weather, with monsoon-like rain and bitterly cold headwinds actually helped. 

And it was like a triumphal return, in a way, since DuChene had run Boston as a 28-year-old, back in 2005. 

Times were considerably slower than is typical for a major marathon today due to the extreme weather conditions. DuChene ran 2:44:20. American Des Linden’s winning time was 2:39:54.

This was the 41-year-old DuChene’s second marathon since joining coach Dave Thomas-Scott and the Speed River Track and Field Club in Guelph, Ont. DuChene was disappointed with her first performance as a master’s (40+) athlete at last year’s London Marathon (2:43:31), but felt well trained going into Boston.

DuChene is the second fastest marathoner in Canadian history (2:28:32, at the 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, the same race in which Lanni Marchant broke the Canadian record, which still stands at 2:28:00). She also won the Canadian Marathon Championships in 2016 (the race-within-a-race at STWM.) and was 35th in the 2016 Olympics in Rio (2:35:29).