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Katelyn Tuohy runs insanely fast cross-country race

Tuhoy just keeps getting faster, hitting 15:36 in a three mile XC race on Saturday

Katelyn Tuohy is the American high schooler who refuses to slow down. The North Rockland High student won her regional cross-country championships on Saturday in 15:36–a shockingly fast time for a three-mile cross-country race.

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A three-mile race is 4.82K, so assuming that on the roads (where it’s easier to go fast) the runner could hold the same pace for an additional 192m, that would make her predicted 5K finish at 16:00. Pretty impressive for a grade 12 student. Tuohy is only the second person in history to win two consecutive Nike Cross Nationals titles.

Despite being high school age, Tuohy has her sights set on the 2020 Olympic Trials this coming spring which will run in the newly rebuilt Hayward Field Stadium. She said in an interview last year that she thinks the 3,000m is her perfect distance, but since it isn’t offered at the trials she plans to move up to the 5,000m. “I think I’m more of a 5K runner because of my stride, but I also love the 3,000m and 1,500m. Unfortunately there’s no 3,000m at the trials so I think the 5K is my best shot right now.” The qualifying standard for the trials is 15:20.00 for the 5,000m.

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