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After summiting Everest twice, Kilian Jornet runs first road half-marathon

The legendary mountain runner and ultramarathoner hit the roads for his first-ever half-marathon away from the trails

Kilian Jornet

Kilian Jornet is a man of many talents.

Two weeks after twice summiting Mount Everest over a seven-day span, Jornet hit the asphalt for his first-ever road half-marathon. The Spaniard, who is well-known for his trail running abilities as well as his knack for mountain running, raced a hilly half in Norway called “Fjord to Summit” in Geiranger, a small tourist village in the western part of the country. The race ends at Dalsnibba, “Europe’s highest fjord view by road.”

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Winning by 12 minutes, Jornet ran 21.1K in 1:30:52. The course was by no means ideal for fast times, however, as Jornet climbed more than 1,500m during the race. That’s an average pace of 4:20 per kilometre. According to Strava, his grade-adjusted pace was 3:10 per kilometre, which translates to a sub-1:07 half-marathon. (Grade-adjusted pace estimates an equivalent pace when running on flat land, according to Strava.)

What the start (at the waterfront) looks like from the finish


In addition to a footrace, the event also hosts a cycling race up the same route.