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Krista DuChene and Reid Coolsaet win 2020 Chilly Half

Full results from the 2020 Chilly Half-Marathon

Sunday was perfect for the Burlington Chilly Half-Marathon. Reid Coolsaet had a great day, winning the race in the fastest half-marathon time he’s clocked in three years at 1:04:34. In the women’s race, it was Krista DuChene who would take first place in 1:16:20.

Falling six weeks before the Boston Marathon, the half is a magnet for some of southern Ontarioโ€™s big names as well as recreational athletes looking for a tuneup race.

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DuChene will be returning this April for her third-consecutive Boston Marathon. The runner is entering an exciting phase of her career, she says that she feels like she can take more risks. As she puts it, โ€œIโ€™ve got nothing to lose.โ€


Sheโ€™s going back to Boston this spring for several reasons: travel within North America is easier than flying to Europe, the masters prize purse is significant and itโ€™s a course she loves. โ€œTravel within North America allows me to maintain my commitments because I donโ€™t have to be gone as long. Now that our children are older, life is easier in some ways but more difficult in others. Our kids are busy with sports and extracurricular activities. I coach my daughterโ€™s hockey team and I want to be there for them.โ€

As for Coolsaet, his spring plans include the Prague Marathon this May.

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Other notable results from the Chilly half were Madeleine Davidson who finished second in the women’s race in 1:17:20.

In the men’s results, Chris Ballestrini secured second place, running 1:06:25 and third place went to Josh Lumani in 1:07:22.

Reid Coolsaet pre-race

Frosty 5K

In the Frosty 5K, Erin Mawhinney won in 17:02, narrowly missing that 16 minute mark. Amanda Mcleod was second in 17:42, and third place went to Veronica Allen in 18:21. In the men’s results, Shawn Master ran a killer race, winning in 15:16. Second place was a tie between William Pidduckย and Alan Hetherington, who both ran 15:18.

10K results

In the 10K results, Phil Parrot-Migas was the winner in 29:34, second place went to Joey Stel in 32:09 and third place to Hussein Hashi in 33:19. In the women’s results, Allison Drynan was the winner in 37:31, second place went to Robyn Collins in 39:35 and third place to Lauren Locco in 41:43.

Full results can be found here.