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Top last-minute qualifying races for the Boston Marathon

A list of marathons that take place in early September for those trying to squeeze in a qualifying time for next year's Boston Marathon

Getting into the Boston Marathon is among the most coveted achievements in the running world. And with registration for the iconic event set to open on Monday, there’s still time to acquire a qualifying time.

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First run in 1896, Boston is the oldest continually-run marathon and requires that runners hit certain qualifying times based on age and gender. In recent years, thousands of applicants have been turned away because of the competitiveness of the registration process, despite having a qualifying time.

Are you thinking of running the Boston Marathon next year? If so, there are some last-minute options before registration opens. (Note: Boston uses a rolling registration process that can last for multiple weeks if the field is not filled). Only races that are certified are accepted by the Boston Athletic Association, hence the exclusion of some Canadian races such as MEC races and Run the Rock Marathon for example.

Huffin’ Puffin Marathon

Date: Monday, Sept. 3rd

Location: Mount Pearl, N.L.

The start of the 2018 Huffin’ Puffin Marathon in Mount Pearl, N.L. Photo: Greg Greening

Cape Breton Fiddlers Run

Date: Sunday, Sept. 9th
Location: Cape Breton, N.S.

GMS Queen City Marathon

Date: Sunday, Sept. 9th
Location: Regina, Sask.

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Marquette Marathon

Date: Saturday, Sept. 1st
Location: Marquette, Mich.

Skagit Flats Marathon

Date: Sunday, Sept. 9th
Location: Burlington, Wash.

Holland Haven Marathon

Date: Sunday, Sept. 9th
Location: Holland, Mich.

Erie Marathon

Date: Sunday, Sept. 9th
Location: Erie, Pa.

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