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Last weekend’s most interesting race: a naked 5K

On August 22, hundreds of runners participated in the Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 5K

Bare Buns Fun Run

As in-person racing resumes, runners have seen world records on the track, FKTs on the trails and personal bests on the roads. Among those impressive results, we bring to you a different kind of accomplishment – the results of the Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 5K, a race where most runners choose to run naked. The road race took place around a nudist resort in Palmerton, Pa., on August 22 and saw hundreds of competitors. The top finishing times were strong, but the most notable achievement was certainly becoming comfortable with baring it all. 


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Jen A. Miller, a New York Times contributor and author of the paper’s weekly running newsletter, participated in the race and wrote about her experience. She said that it was pretty similar to any other 5K she has run, and that the lack of clothing was a welcome change in a world that’s been encouraged to cover up due to COVID-19. “I’ve run a handful of Pretzel City’s clothed (or as naked runners call them, “textile”) races, but the nude events never appealed to me, not when there were a zillion other races to run. But this year, it caught my attention in part because almost all other races have been canceled because of the coronavirus. In this pandemic season of covering our faces in public, why not uncover everything else?”

While runners who participated opted out of running clothing, they did wear shoes, masks when they couldn’t distance and caps for sun protection. 


Overall results

Philip S – 17:43
Dan M – 17:59
Brock K – 18:01

Lucy B – 21:35
Theresa B – 24:27
Katie S – 26:24

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Naked racing is more common than runners might expect, with several events taking place annually on this side of the border. If Canadians are looking to give clothing-optional racing a try, there’s the annual Wreck Beach Bare Buns 5K, which runs in Vancouver in support of beach preservation. An eastern option is the Bare Oaks Nude Colour Fun Run, which takes place near East Gwillimbury, Ont. As Miller wrote, she’d never considered a race like this before, but in one of the strangest years in recent history, why not give something new (and fun) a go? 

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