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The late fall half-marathon bucket list

Looking for a fall race but not quite in racing condition just yet? There is a fair share of late-fall races to choose from. These are our top picks.

Rock 'n' Roll Las vegas

Rock 'n' Roll Las vegas

These mornings, the air is noticeably chillier and trees are starting to change colour. After hot and muggy months of summer, running in crisp air is an experience welcomed by many runners.

It’s at this time of year too when those who are going out to log those kilometres have a goal race on the brain. But when summers get busy, and hot weather makes running tougher than usual, it’s easy for runners to fall out of their training routine. Sometimes, it’s easy to neglect the fall race planning entirely. If that’s the case, early fall months are spent making up for lost training. As a result, it’s safe to say that an early fall marathon is a no go.

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Thankfully, there is a good selection of late-fall races to enter. Don’t have the fitness for the full marathon? Below is a round-up of fun half-marathons that runners can take part in just before winter sets in.

Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll Marathon

Where: Las Vegas

When: November 12

New York New York Las Vegas

Want a high-energy atmosphere for your fall race? The Rock ‘n’ Roll series, is a party that doesn’t end once the 21.1 kilometres are finished. Make a whole week of it in Vegas and take your favourite training partners. At this race, runners will be entertained the entire time that they are running. Not only are there bands playing in the course (hence the name “Rock ‘n’ Roll”) but on the Vegas strip, it almost goes without saying that there is a vibrancy like no other. If you’re the type of runner who easily gets bored on long, quiet courses, you absolutely won’t have that problem at the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll half. Runners breeze past casinos, hotels, the Pyramid Cafe, Treasure Island and mini versions of New York and Paris. With a crowd of 40,000 on race weekend, you’re bound to befriend at least a few on race day too. Of course, when the running is finished, sticking around is Vegas will make it the ultimate vacation. What’s not to like?

See our interactive map of Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll half-marathon course to get a sense of what to expect.

Philadelphia Marathon

Where: Philadelphia 

When:  November 18-20


A lot of Canadians flock to this event and for good reason. It’s popular, well-organized and takes runners through historic parts of the city. On the half-marathon course, those participating can appreciate gorgeous views of Philadelphia too. History buffs will love that it starts just outside of the art museum and weaves around the Old City district. Winding through Fairmont Park and along river banks, runners will feel that it was a worthwhile one to train for. The half-marathon course is ten years old but is so popular that runners just keep coming back.

Vancouver Historic Half

Where: Vancouver

When: November 27 

Vancouver Seawall

This Canadian race should be quite pretty for runners who attend. Vancouver is one heck of a place to run as it spoils runners with spectacular views and clean sea air. For this race, those who run are taken on a double loop of the course through Vancouver Park. Those visiting the city will also appreciate getting a chance to see Vancouver key landmarks like the Seawall, Lion’s Gate Bridge, mountains and then also more general views of the city. Afterwards, enjoy the active vibe that this city is known for.

Calgary Last Chance Half

Where: Calgary 

When: November 13

Calgary Peace Bridge

Get in that half-marathon while it’s still technically fall. In this part of the country, it’s already going to be quite chilly and likely, the snow will already have started to fall. This Calgary race is a stand-out one as runners get to start at the Olympic Arch. Then, they head along the Bow River for some breathtaking views– it’s easy for the kilometres to go by quite quickly at that section. Runners cross through pretty parks– Price’s Island and Inglewood Wildlands Park on this out and back course. In mid-November, it comes at a perfect late-fall time.

Superhero Half-Marathon Weekend Disneyland

Where: California

When: November 13 


Get ready for an early one. Runners have to get up before the sun does to be fresh and at the start line for the 5:30 a.m. start. Yes it’s an early one but with all the excitement and buzz, runners will be wide awake and energized that they won’t even notice to crack-of-dawn start time. The half is named the Avengers Superheroes Half and runners can feel free to dress in theme. Entertainment is going to be provided on the colourful Disneyland course and runners will be cheered on by in-costume superhero characters (who will also be there at the finish). If a high-energy environment is your thing, this venue is sure to pump you up.